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Bruce DayAs a boy growing up in Southern California, Bruce, age 5, realized he loved to draw cartoons.  He liked to go to the corner market and look at comic books. Other interests were football, baseball and wrestling. Football was the focus of his life for thirteen years. At the same time he took many art classes and became a freelance illustrator.

His first assignments were from Los Angeles Times and NFL Properties drawing for the game programs and charicatures & cartoons for greeting cards and other products.  Other jobs came from:

  • The Marlin Company (Posters)
  • Simon & Schuster Games for Kids
  • Lexmark Printers (magazine ads)
  • Focus on the Family (magazine illustrations)
  • Word Publishers (eight "View from the Zoo" children's books)
  • NFL  Properties (magazine illustrations, football cards,  coffee mugs for all 30 teams)
  • "Refrigerator" William Perry mugs and trading cards
  • Los Angeles Times "West" Magazine  (illustrations)
  • Morrison-Knudsen Co. (construction safety films)
  • Scholastic Magazines
  • Burger King Inc.
  • Campbell Soup Company
  • C.B.S.

Currently Bruce works as a freelance illustrator in the Boise, Idaho area and lives with his wife Carrol. They have 5 grown children and 2 dogs.


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